[Solved]Amazon SES account suspended due to high bounce rate

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Best Practice to avoid Amazon SES suspension

Greetings to Digital Marketers,

Most of our readers are already familiar with Amazon SES, but here’s a quick intro

What is Amazon SES

Here comes another post that will disclose the process of defending your Amazon SES account that was suspended due to High Bounced ratio or Complaint Ratio.

Many of you have come across when you initially started doing email marketing through Sendy.

But here is the solution to make a successful appeal for your Amazon SES account activation.

Or if you follow these simple steps surely you will not get your account suspended or will never face Amazon SES probation.

While searching for your solution on Amazon you will find this question they said really about three main reasons of your account suspension.

Amazon SES account suspended

They have clearly mentioned about reasons of suspending your account.

If you are sending to an old list, scraped(not recommended) email list & its validity is unsure then believe me you have to face Account Suspension.

Receiving too much bounced emails & complaints can get your Account suspended. my recommendation is to avoid sending to email list without verifying its validity.

Let come to the point, How to avoid Amazon SES suspension?

Answer is simple as there are many emails that does not exists in real and are bounced email address.

Why Bounced Emails?

  • Mail server does not exist
  • People dies
  • Malicious data enters
  • Inbox is Full
  • Syntax Errors
  • People insert wrong emails
  • there are numerous reasons that can cause a damage to your reputably

WordPress Tip: If you have a wordpress Blog you may install our plugin WP Email Verify that will never accept registrations, comments, order with invalid bounced emails.

When you send emails to those infected recipients, your server (SES) received SNS notifications that email was not delivered; here is an example email delivery failed that how it looks in google.

Amazon SNS receives those bounced & complaints notifications which you setup while configuring Sendy with Amazon SES.

This causes too much complaints from ISP like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail that inbox does not exist, Inbox disabled, No such user found and many reasons.

As a result Amazon suspend your account as their IP, Server reputation is at stack. Amazon does not want to get their IP, ESP, Server banned from ISP’s like gmail,hotmail,ymail. As there are many like you are sending emails through SES therefore Amazon consider complaints seriously.

Just try to send your next campaigns like the way I suggest and keep me posted about bounced,complaints ratio you received.

Prepare your email list that may contain multiple columns with proper header name, email,phone, etc

Go to your Email List Cleaning Software if you have any already? Since you are reading this I assume you may not have any Validation Service? As this post is solely the part of our our email verification app

You can signup to our email verification app that can validate your email list in no time with 97% accuracy. No matter if your list have multiple columns. Just upload a .csv or .txt format.

How to get your Email List clean?

Here is a short video tutorial,

Email Inbox Delivery a Click away!

As soon as email validation app finished its work downloadable results will be available for you.

Just download the “Valid Emails” and upload it by creating a new list on your Email Client “Sendy”.


Design your newsletter, include opt out button, if possible include postal address and just hit send email..

Now you can see that true change in Open, Click rate V/S old invalidated list Open/Click rate.
Moreover you could easily distinguish Bounced & Complaint ratio with the previous one

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