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Explained Email Verification / Email Validation/ Email List Cleaning / Email Hygiene

You might have reached to this page via Search Engine. Searching for a query that confusing you.

Either you are a Developer, Entrepreneur, Blog owner or running an online shop. Getting too many Spam registrations, Subscribers against your site Newsletter List collection popup, Spam Comments, Fake registrations.

What ever the case you might have tried to search for these queries

And finally you have got hundreds of Results confusing you about Regex Validation, Bounce Verification,Email List cleaning, Hygiene and list goes on.

Well here is the clarification of how you could search for proper results as Email verification & validation are not specific formula or issue that can be resolved in single query.

  • Their are many ways to get BAD email list.
  • User input with wrong syntax
  • Your email list is scrapped / purchased
  • Email does not exists
  • Mailbox full
  • User died
  • Looking to send verification code on email,
  • DNS / MX record issue

You have to define your scope!

If you are a developer you are looking to validate email that check syntax and wrong typos then you need some coding script that can do and validate email input which can be achieved with JS, java script, HTML, CSS code and can be implemented easily.

If you are tried or getting spam registrations/comments then you might be searching for a way through which your system CMS website can send verification code on your user email to verify their existence.

Here is the last one I know; Which is to check validate, verify, email address if it actually exists or not.

As a developer after checking for syntax and validating Email with java script you still have option to send user email and ask for verification code or link click. AND you also have option to check email actual existence.

  • Actual existence means if Email exists on listed domain
  • If its bounced email
  • If user mailbox is full or not
  • Can receive emails
  • Check for disposable emails
  • Check if email is role based emails like director@google.com

This Kind of email Validation is extreme, accurate, complete verification which comes under Data Validation.

This is almost used by Email Marketers to send Millions of emails after checking if they exits or not.

Sending emails to bounced(no longer accepts emails temporary or permanently) can lead your emails in JUNK folder.

No one wants to be a BAD sender.

Bad Email address

IF you become 1 by mistake you will need Email Validation Service also known as Email list Cleaning AKA email verification service.

There are many companies who offer Email verification at reasonable cost with many features and integration with many CRM systems. I recently published List of 32+ Email Validation APIs With Free Trials

The one offered by Host & Soft comes with Guarantees of 97% accurate Email verification. We also have WordPress Plugin to keep spam registrations,subscribers,comments away from site.

Provides a powerful API that can be integrated with your CRM or any other system easily to validate millions of emails in no time with just  1 click.

We also provide Bulk Email Verification where you can upload Email List in Excel CSV or Text TXT format along with other data. Our ROBUST Email list cleaning server will clean your files without creating mess. Will sort out duplicates and clean your email list in just a Click

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