The Pitfalls of Not Having a Privacy Policy in Place

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Does your company have a privacy policy in place? How about your website or app that you include
on here? If you answered no, you could really be setting yourself up for some serious problems.
Even if you do have a policy in place but it is weak or hard to understand, it could spell trouble for
your company. Today, we are going to take a look at a few pitfalls that you may find if you don’t
play by the rules.

You Could Get Sued

If you fail to place a privacy policy where your visitors can clearly see it and you collect data or
information from them, you could end up getting sued. When someone finds out that their
information has been shared without being notified, they can easily get a lawyer and file a case
against your company. While you may be able to fight it in court, you just might end up paying a lot
of money out of pocket. So instead of setting yourself up for a major legal battle, why not spend a
few hours drafting a privacy policy? If you don’t have the time, for a small fee you can have
someone write one for you. The little bit of time and money spent now will save you a ton of cash in
the future.
We recommend placing your privacy policy in your footer menu of your website and to make sure
your privacy policy is up to date and meets the legal criteria. By using a website like Iubenda they do
all the hard work for you.

The Government Could Fine You

If you don’t think you can be fined for not having an easy to understand privacy policy in place, just
ask Google or Delta Airlines. Both have been in hot water with the government in the past.
Depending on where you do business, governments can impose stiff fines on your company. These
could add up to thousands of dollars which just might bring your company to a halt. Some
companies have even closed their doors due to these hefty fines. So instead of putting yourself at
risk, why not take a second and review your policy? Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

You Could Lose Loyal Customers

By not having a privacy policy in place, you could be losing potential customers and even some loyal
ones. When a customer comes to your company’s website and they notice that you have no privacy
policy in place yet you are taking in their information, they just might leave. Having a privacy policy
builds trust with your customers and it lets them know that you are doing what you are supposed to
do to keep them safe. This trust can even help your company to grow and having more customers
means that you will have more profits. So, if you don’t have a policy on your site, get out there and
do the right thing.
These are just a few of the pitfalls that you can face by not having the right privacy policy on your
website. Many people overlook this and end up in deep financial trouble. Privacy policies can easily
be developed and you can even hire someone to do the job for you.


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